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Download Arabian Nights from Aladdin: The Best Songs of the Disney Classic

Last week, around 45,000 people downloaded books from my site - 10 people donated. Small sites like mine need your support to survive. Please consider giving a small contribution. I run this site alone, and each book can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. If you've found the site useful, please support me in my work. The donate buttons below are in British Pounds, click here if you would prefer to donate in USD, EUR, CAD, or AUD.

download arabian nights from aladdin

Awesome luved it wish was real like valad the impaler so I could ride carpet and keep aboo and rasha da tiger for pets oh yea genie would bee awesome for freind plus getin luvs from jasmin is definite plus I think aladdin would be a awesome best freind thanks for reading hav a great life and Bee Good peace out and We luv you all!!!

I am 21 years old and the disney movies like aladdin and hercules and the lion king are the only good memories from my childhood. Having this soundtrack is like being given my childhood again. Best one imo is definitely A Whole New World. Thank you so much for putting this up.


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