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Welcome to Tha Juice Joint!!! The most ICONIC Jam Session + Open Mic on tha West Coast!

"It's givinnn Southern Family Reunionnnnn!!! Safe enough to pull up solo because you gone DEFINITELY leave with some new 3rd cousins!!! " Bring your instruments and come ready to jam!!! Anyone who comes to tha show can get on our stage!

Who : The27Brand + The Crockpot presents... THA JUICE JOINT

What : A One of a Kind live music experience. It's an improv jam session that is original in it's flow and existence!! We can assure you... nothing else in the world exists like it... you just have to come experience Tha Culture and Community for yourself.

When : Tha LAST Monday of every month - 9pm-1am

Where: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang | 3531 Wilshire Blvd , LA - CA 90010

Attendance: 250-300 ppl/month

"Who All Gone Be There?" : Incredible human beings with beautiful souls, Musicians, Singers, Poets, Producers, Rappers, Songwriters, Music Lovers, Engineers, Talent Scouts, A&R’s, Music Execs, Dancers, Creative Artists, Painters, Foodies, Fashion Lovers, Hella Black People, New Artists, Pro Artists, Known Artists, Unknown Artists + more.

AND YESSSSS !!! THERE WILL BE FOOD!!! Because you can't have a true Southern Family Reunion in yo Granda Backyard type of feel good experience without Tha Food!!!!

We give free hugs out at Tha Juice Joint yallllllll!!!!! #HugyaNeighbor

We have built an inspiring community and it is almost impossible for one person to fully describe the magic of Tha Juice Joint because it means so many different things to so many different people!!

The LAST Monday of Every Month you can join us as we host the most epic jam session + open mic LA has to offer!!!! Every week undeniable talent comes through our doors to become apart of an improv yet magical live music experience. There is no sign up list... the jam is really about listening to each other... feelinggg each other... collaborating intentionally with one another... being free so you can just flyyyy and create without over thinking things. The environment is safe and family oriented so even when you "mess up"... it's perfectly one cares... and if you keep coming back... you're only gonna get better and better because you know what they say... "IRON SHARPENS IRON". Our platform is also a wonderful place for up and coming musicians, artists, singers, and creatives to build community, grow their fanbase, make beautiful lifelong connections and relationships that always tend to lead to greater opportunities and so much more.

Who Got Tha Juice?!

Honestlyyyy ... it seems like EVERYBODY that comes to Tha Juice Joint and that's no cap... at all... ask around .... the talent within our culture and community is LIMITLESS!!! So it only makes sense that we highlight and feature the local and independent artists that stop through as our WHO GOT THA JUICE ARTIST SPOTLIGHT FEATURES!!

People always ask how do you get to Feature at Tha Juice Joint ... and truthfully ... the best way to capture our attention is to just show up and hit tha stageeeeee!!!

What's tha Flow of Tha Night?

At 8pm on tha Last Monday of Tha Month we open our doors! The first hour is definitely a vibe. Our favorite DJ Sean Prince does a set...and those who know... KNOW... his sets are ALWAYS FIRE so tha Dancin Cousins always show up and show out! Tha bar is open... the food is outside... tha seats are first come first serve unless you buy a bottle so if you wanna make sure you and ya friend have somewhere to sit .... yall betta get there earlyyyyy!!!

At 9pm Tha Jam starts with our Phenomenal House Band and Singers. After introducing an improv vibe into tha atmosphere we open tha jam and allow our audience members to join in on the magica as they feel and literally become the show.

At 11pm we bring up our WHO GOT THA JUICE FEATURE for tha night and afterwards tha jam reopens.

At 12 pm we give a Midnight Funk praiseeee till about 12:30 then DJ Sean Prince spins for #ThaAfterParty until we wrap the night at 1am.

Our event definitely fills a void for creative talent here in LA, and provides amazing opportunities for artists in our community. The culture we have cultivated is truly a one of a kind experience. This is one Family Reunion you do not want to miss out on! Come Join Tha Culture! - @thajuicejoint


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