THA JUICE JOINT is our MONDAY NIGHT residency in the heart of Hollywood at a beautiful venue called The Study at 6356 Hollywood Boulevard.

Doors at 9 pm | Jam starts at 9:30 pm | Feature Set at 11 pm | Jam ends at 1 am | DJ spins till 1:30 am

The most fulfilling, one of a kind, improv jam session and open mic you will ever experience!!! Musicians, singers, songwriters, rappers, poets, dancers and more gather to experience music together and to express themselves freely and openly. It’s mostly improv so you never know what's going to happen or who’s going to show up.

Although Tha Juice Joint is a music event, it is also a CULTURE. It is a musical community where people from all walks of life, ages, races, political views, genders, sexual orientations and religions come together in the most beautiful way all because of MUSIC. Tha Juice Joint is literally a community of strangers that leave our experience feeling they're apart of our family.

We don’t allow egos in our house, EVERYONE WEARS THE NAMETAGS, and we treat it like it’s a Southern Family Reunion down in Mobile, Alabama in yo grandmama’s back yard, so you know you gots to get it respectful!!!

Tha Juice Joint is a kickback where beginners and experts can share the stage, learn and create together. An environment where there’s no such thing as a list or VIP, where EVERYBODY PAYS no matter who you are, and where none of the pretentious “Hollywood” bs matters within our culture.

We aim to heal through music and creativity, we aim to put something REAL back into music experiences. We want to create a platform that is beneficial to the artists on the stage as well as the people in the audience. We don’t care about likes, followers, weight, looks, or none of the exterior things that don’t really define us. We know the power of music and we want to use it to restore...not to exploit.

We believe in LOVE. We believe in BLACK EXCELLENCE. We believe in OWNERSHIP, and most importantly we believe in COMMUNITY.

-Tha Juice Joint

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6356 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028


Mondays   9 PM - 1 AM

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