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NAME: The Philharmonik  SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLES: The Philharmonik on Fb. Twitter/IG: @thephilharmonik SOUNDCLOUD:

ITUNES: The Philharmonik  SPOTIFY: The Philharmonik  ANY RECENT OR UPCOMING PROJECTS: WHERE CAN WE FIND THEM? WHEN? My self titled debut was released last year and am currently working on a new record called Transcendentalism coming soon.The previous album you can find on all platforms.  WHAT INSPIRES YOU? 

Living Life, music, love, people. WHEN DID YOU REALIZE YOU HAD THA JUICE?!?! When I began to love myself and work on becoming a better person. COMPLETE THIS SENTENCE... " IN A PERFECT WORLD..." I can’t seem to visualize it. WHAT IS ONE MISCONCEPTION THAT PPL HAVE ABOUT YOU? People think that because my music has uplifting and healing message that I’m always going to walk in that pedestal when I’m human like everyone else and screw up and get mad sometimes. I like my space and privacy. WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF? Living this life over differently.

Thinking that there are many versions of me in the universe.

Living another life after this one. And ultimately fear itself. IF YOU COULD COLLABORATE WITH ANYONE IN THE WORLD... DEAD OR ALIVE WHO WOULD IT BE? Stevie Wonder, D’angelo, Hendrix, Prince, Kendrick, and yes...Kanye West. WHAT'S THE MOST EMBARRASSING THING YOU'VE EVER DONE? Use my tinder for soundcloud promotion. IF YOU COULD WAVE A MAGIC WAND WHAT ILL IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU SOLVE AND WHY? Fear, it holds us all back, motivates greed. NAME AN EXPENSIVE THING YOU BOUGHT THAT YOU NOW REGRET?

This shirt that you’ll see me wearing at the juice joint. Shit was 200 bucks that I need for necessities, but at least I’ll look like a great value Prince.  WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT TO DATE? Being content in life. Being happy. Enjoying the present. Always use to think about where I’d be and what I would be doing 5 years from now. Realizing everything we dream of is never how it’s pictured in our mind. It’s about the journey you know? Coming to that conclusion gives me much peace of mind. And peace of mind is quite the accomplishment. DO YOU BELIEVE MUSIC CAN HEAL?

Music is therapy. I love sharing my story, ultimately I use it as therapy for myself. If people relate to it, then good.

HOW WILL YOU USE YOUR GIFTS TO SERVE OTHERS? My gift will serve others as long as I’m serving myself by using the gift that was given to me. WHAT'S A DIFFICULT OBSTACLE YOU HAVE OVERCOME? Paying for my car. My goodness them thangs is expensive to fix, especially when you have a hoopty like me.  Controlling my diet Exercising

NAME 3 THINGS THAT HAPPENED TODAY YOU ARE THANKFUL FOR? Being able to perform at Tha Juice Joint. For my family and friends. And that life is good to me for the most part.

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